sms kata-kata selamat hari valentine bahasa inggris terbaru

sms kata-kata selamat hari valentine bahasa inggris terbaru
Press down in case you miss me. Talaga? Sweet mo naman.
You actually miss me huh? Still pressing down. Impressed na ako, ha?
Sobrang miss na yan. Nicely, I miss you as well.
ucapan valentine 
All my lifestyle I've scan about this,
dreamt of them,
waited for it,
cried for it,
required it.
Currently along with you,
I've found it

You'll never notice how a lot I care for you personally.
You'll never listen to how a lot I treasure you.
You'll never really truly come to sense how a lot I miss you.
Coz solely right listed below inside my heart is it possible notice all of these true.

In case kisses were water,
I’d offer you the actual ocean.
In case hugs were leaves,
I’d provide you with a forest.
In case adore were area,
I’d provide you with a galaxy.
In case friendship were lifestyle,
I’d offer you mine at no cost.

In case I could possibly be any letter inside the alphabet, I’d select “V” thus I could be subsequent to “U” ; in case you can be any note, I wish you’re “RE” thus your constantly beside “ME” !

I've heard coming from the telephone company,
the actual water company,
the actual electrical company,
however haven’t heard from you.

There will be 12 months a year…
30 times a month…
7 times a week…
24 hours a day…
60 minutes an hour…
however just one such as you inside a lifetime.

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